Panno in cotone struccante con logo

Cotton Candy

Cotton make up remover pad


The 100% cotton pad by OPS!, refined with border, represents the ultimate tool for a sustainable and conscious Beauty Routine. It is reusable, easily washable in the washing machine, and the dye is applied by following environmental laws. It is easy to use, and it will become your ally against make up removal. The high quality cotton and the accurate producing made in Italy give to this pad a never seen before softness. Try it now, together with our cleansing water Sloth.


  • 100% high quality cotton
  • Color Ecru
  • Customized with the exclusive logo OPS!
  • Reusable and washable in the washing machine
  • Size 25×25 cm
  • For all skin type

Wet the pad, with water or cleansing water, and pass it all over the face to clean it from impurities and make up.