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We believe in the authenticity of the most valuable raw materials, in the effectiveness of the active principles and in an environmentally conscious manufacturing. Our aim is to bring back to you your beauty, and with that well-being as well. No chemicals added and a sustainable vision in every step of the productive process. We care for your skin health, therefore OPS products are dermatologically tested.

The features of the Beauty Routine we designed for you can be summarised in our name:

Original: bring back your skin to its Original beauty
Pure: by using Pure and natural ingredients
Skin: in your Skincare



 OPS aim is to bring a real change in today beauty world. Our philosophy reflects on the principles of naturalness, effectiveness and purity.

We wish our products had the actual benefits of the cosmeceuticals, in order to guarantee a concrete solution for your skin. The quality and the efficacy of our formulas are what make us stand out. Our cosmeceuticals products are healing and handcrafted.

At the foundation of our cosmetics there are only natural ingredients and high quality active principles, combined together in order to be twice as effective as products average on the market.

We want to restore your skin to purity and original beauty, and we want our products to be the perfect compromise between the desire for connection to nature and the quality of healthier, more radiant skin.




From production to packaging, the whole productive process is made in Italy.
An accurate choice of raw materials, a specific study of their active principles and their use in the most functional way. Everything inside an artisan workshop, to guarantee to you a meticulous care of of every single product, therefore highest effectiveness.

Back to the Golden Age of your skin!

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